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Seamless online money transfers to Nigeriafirst three months are fee-free and get best exchange rate!

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Money Transfers Made Simple For Everyone With TangoPay 

Looking for the best way to send money online to Nigeria? TangoPay has your back. With our secure application, we ensure smooth international remittances at low fees and great exchange rates. With us, your first three months are fee-free! 

At TangoPay, we provide the best exchange rates, aiming to provide the lowest cost to send money transfer to Nigeria. With a focus on convenience, you can choose the payment method of your choice. Be it bank transfers, cash pickup, or mobile wallet. Your friends and family will receive money in Nigerian currency.

With TangoPay’s ironclad security, sending money home from the United Kingdom is easier than ever. At TangoPay, we implement stringent security checks at every step of the money transfer process. Our multi-layered verification processes ensure that your personal details are always safeguarded. 

How to Send Money to Nigeria?

At TangoPay, we offer our clientele a number of options when transferring money to Nigeria online. Our multitude of payment methods lets you pick the one that perfectly fits your preferences, ensuring a seamless money transfer experience! 

Mobile App Transfer

Need to send money on the go? TangoPay’s mobile application streamlines the money transfer process for you, enabling swift money transfers to Nigeria directly from your device. 

With just a login from your mobile phone to TangoPay’s application, you can execute cashless transactions without missing a beat. 

How to Receive Funds in Nigeria? 

At TangoPay, our first priority is to provide our customers with a secure transaction experience. 

Once an online transaction is initiated, our team of professionals swiftly handles your fund transfer, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy at all times.

Upon completion of the online funds transfer, recipients can conveniently access the transferred amount through our Zeepay. 

Bank Deposits

If speed is crucial for your next money transfer to your loved ones in Nigeria, the bank deposit method is ideal. You can now directly send money to your beloved’s bank account with just a tap! 

However – note that the incorrect bank details might cause processing delays until accurate information is is provided. Be vigilant! 

Why Choose TangoPay? 

Instant Global Transactions

  • With TangoPay, you can experience cashless transactions worldwide in mere seconds, offering you unbeatable convenience and security. 

Multi-Channel Money Transfer

  • TangoPay allows you to access multiple channels for swift online money transfers to Nigeria, ensuring 100% flexibility and efficiency in every transaction. 

Transparent Updates

  • Our transaction tracking keeps you informed at every stage of your transaction journey, offering transparency and peace of mind. 

Customer-Centric Mobile Application

Our mobile app is designed with your needs in mind. User-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Referral Bonus

TangoPay offers a 10 £ referral bonus when you refer a friend, and they make the first money transfer worth 100 £.

No Hidden Fees

TangoPay charges no extra charges. There are no transfer fees for the first three months when you send money to Nigeria online.

Payout option

You can send money to Nigeria directly into bank accounts. Add your receiver’s details, and they will receive the exact amount in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query? Find your answers below. 

Q. How can I make money transfers to Nigeria?

Ans. You can now transfer funds to your loved ones in Nigeria by following these four simple steps:

  • Download the TangoPay app from the Google Play Store.
  • Create an account on our Android or iOS application. 
  • Fill in your basic details and required documents to complete the profile. 
  • Select your destination country, payout method, and recipient’s details. It might ask for their mobile phone number.
  • Send funds to your loved ones while using your debit/credit card or through your bank account. 

Still confused? Take a look at how these steps work.

Q. How can I receive money in Nigeria?

Ans. All banks across Nigeria support online bank deposits. Through TangoPay, you can now transfer payments instantly into the recipient’s bank account. 

Q. How long does it take to receive money in Nigeria?

Ans. If you are planning to transfer funds through a Debit or Credit card, your transaction can be processed in just a few minutes. However, if you are sending money through an online bank transfer method, your transactions via TangoPay can take up to 1-2 working days. 

Here are a few factors that can affect your delivery times: 

  • Differences in Time Zones
  • Accuracy of Recipient’s Information
  • Unavailability of Banks (especially on weekends)
  • Uncertain Circumstances (Service Outrage)

Q. What documents are required for sending money to Nigeria online?

Ans. TangoPay requires any of the following documents from our users to complete the procedure of sending money to Nigeria:

ID Proof

  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Passport
  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Driving License
  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Resident Permit

Recipient’s Details

  • receiver’s bank account details should be correct

Q. Is it secure to transfer funds to Nigeria via TangoPay? 

Ans. TangoPay is an FCA-regulated “Authorized Payment Institution (API)” offering complete, secure transactions. Our advanced end-to-end data encryption technologies ensure that your data and privacy are protected at all times. So you can securely transfer money to Nigeria.

Q. How much does it cost to send money to Nigeria?

Ans. The good news for all our consumers is that your first three months with TangoPay are fee-free! There are no hidden fees. Enjoy limitless transactions with TangoPay because money knows no boundaries.