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Refer a Friend to TangoPay and Earn £10

Get a £10 reward after your friends send at least £100 on their first transfer

How It Works

Send your referral code

Share your referral code from the app by e-mail, WhatsApp or social media


Your friend signs up

They must sign up using your code.


You get £10 in your wallet

When they send £100 or more, you will receive your £10


Invite even more friends

There are no limits on how many friends you can invite

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

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How do I sign up?

How much does TangoPay cost per transfer?

How do I contact TangoPay?

Why was my transfer cancelled or rejected?

How can I track my transfer status?

My transfer is pending. How do I fix it?

Why is my account suspended/locked?

How do I send money online?

How does “refer a friend” work?

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