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TangoPay revolutionises the way you send money online to Ghana. Be it any Ghana commercial bank, mobile wallet, or mobile money, we’ve got you covered. Make fearless money transfers.

Our user-centric design and progressive security protocols make sure to transfer money to Ghana fast and secure transfers for individuals and businesses alike.

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To initiate swift, reliable, and secure online money transfers, follow these simple steps:


Begin by creating your TangoPay account. Sign up with us with just a few clicks and send money to family and friends.

At TangoPay, our priority is ensuring a smooth transaction experience, whether through our mobile app.

Recipient Details

Input the recipient information of your intended recipient for the money transfer. Provide information about bank accounts, mobile wallet, or address.

Transfer Funds

Make money transfer to Ghana using our reliable payment gateways with no hidden fees. Get the best exchange rate, and send money at a low cost. Once you specify the amount and proceed with the online transfer, your funds are promptly sent to Ghana. Seamless transfers, boundless possibilities!

How to Send Money to Ghana via TangoPay?

At TangoPay, we pride ourselves on the swiftness and immediacy of our money transfer services. We understand the urgency that often comes with your financial transactions, which is why TangoPay is designed to speed up money transfer efficiently.

From competitive exchange rates to low transfer fees, we strive to provide our clients with value-added advantages that make us a preferred method for customers seeking a reliable money transfer solution.

Send Money With Our Mobile App

Our commitment at TangoPay is to provide our customers with streamlined money transfer procedures. Our TangoPay mobile application stands as a convenient gateway for transferring money via your mobile device, ensuring a time-saving and effortless experience.

With our mobile app, you can send money online directly to your loved one’s mobile wallet or bank account through bank transfer. The simplicity of our platform empowers users to transfer money with ease, eliminating unnecessary hassle and saving valuable time and energy in the transfer process.  

How to Receive Money In Ghana?

TangoPay ensures the utmost security for your money while using the safest channels for its delivery. The receivers can receive the funds in bank accounts, mobile wallet or collect cash from cash pick-up locations. They will receive money in Ghanaian cedi.

Instant Cash Pickup

Cash pickup allows the receivers to conveniently collect cash from your nearest Zeepay location.

All they need is a 16-digit PIN and a valid Photo ID (such as NIC, Passport, driver’s License, etc.) to access the cash payments swiftly.

Bank Deposit

With our bank deposit services, recipients can instantly receive money in their bank account using our secure and rapid services. Our association with leading service provider, Zeepay ensures that recipients receive the funds promptly in their bank accounts. 

Let’s Tango With Trust – Money Moves at Your Fingertips

With TangoPay’s application, cross-border transactions are simplified, allowing users to effortlessly send funds to loved ones. Our platform prioritizes simplicity, ensuring that sending money internationally becomes a hassle-free experience.

Our user-friendly interface and advanced technology simplify the complexities of global transactions, making it easier for you to send funds across Ghana.

With a commitment to convenience and reliability, TangoPay continues to innovate, ensuring that each transaction reflects our dedication to user satisfaction. With TangoPay – send more, worry less!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query? Find your answers below.

Q. How can I transfer money to Ghana?

You can now transfer funds to your loved ones in Ghana by following these four simple steps:

  • Create an account on our Android or iOS application. 
  • Fill in your basic details and required documents to complete the profile. 
  • Select your destination country, payout option, and recipient’s details. 
  • Send funds to your loved ones while using your debit/credit card or through your bank account.

Still confused? Take a look at how these steps work.

Q. How can I receive money in Ghana?

You can receive money in Ghanaian cedi in your Bank account, mobile wallet, or from a cash pickup.

Q. How can I send money to Ghana?

You can send money to Ghana with TangoPay. We transfer money to 70+ countries. You can send money directly to their bank accounts, mobile money, or cash pickup.

Q. How long does it take to receive money in Ghana?

Our typical delivery time is a few minutes to a few hours. Transfer to Ghana take no more than few hours. You can send money to Ghana online with TangoPay, as it is the best way to make money transfers at a favorable exchange rate.

Q. What documents are required to send money to Ghana?

You will be required to have recipient’s bank account information and, in some cases, ID card number, picture or phone number.

Q. Is it secure to transfer funds to Ghana via TangoPay?

Sending money to Ghana online via TangoPay is a secure and seamless method. TangoPay is sending money to this country.

Q. What is the limit for transferring amounts in Ghana?

Q. How much does TangoPay charge to send money to Ghana?

TangoPay offers fee-free money transfer for first three months. After that it charges minimal fee for transfer.