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Send Money to China With TangoPay – Instant Transfers, Infinite Connections 

TangoPay offers a swift, seamless, and secure money transfer solution for overseas Chinese sending money back home. Our progressive application ensures smooth transactions while offering competitive rates and minimal fees. 

With our rapid processing, funds reliably reach recipients in China and are swiftly deposited into their Union Pay-linked accounts. TangoPay stands out as the trusted choice for overseas Chinese, providing a dependable medium to support families or manage transactions in China from the UK.

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How to Send Money to China? 

At TangoPay, we are committed to providing top-tier money transfer services. Our international transfers guarantee a risk-free and hassle-free experience. And here’s the best part – your first three months with TangoPay are fee-free!

Simplify your life with TangoPay’s user-friendly mobile application. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can effortlessly send money to China from the UK. 

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, our application allows users to send money home 24/7, whether you’re in your comfort zone or on the move!

How to Recieve Funds In China?

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent pay-out services to our esteemed users. With TangoPay, your funds are coherently deposited into your beloved’s bank account. Our official payout partner (name: UnionPay) ensures that recipients swiftly receive their funds!

For overseas Chinese residing in the UK, TangoPay facilitates online money transfers to their loved ones’ bank accounts through our partnership with (name). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query? Find your answers below. 

Q. How can I transfer money to China?

Ans. You can now transfer funds to your loved ones in China by following these four simple steps:

  • Create an account on our Android or iOS application. 
  • Fill in your basic details and required documents to complete the profile. 
  • Select your destination country, payout option, and recipient’s details. 
  • Send funds to your loved ones while using your debit/credit card or through your bank account. 

Still confused? Take a look at how these steps work. 

Q. How can I receive money in China?

Ans. All banks across China support online bank deposits. With TangoPay, you can now transfer payments instantly into the recipient’s bank account. Through the currency cloud, TangoPay moves money faster than ever!

Q. How long does it take to receive money in China? 

Ans. If you are planning to transfer funds through a Debit or Credit card, your transaction can be processed in just a few minutes. However, if you are sending money through an online bank transfer method, your transactions via TangoPay can take up to 1-2 banking days. 

Here are a few factors that can affect your delivery times: 

  • Differences in Time Zones
  • Accuracy of Recipient’s Information
  • Unavailability of Banks (especially on weekends)
  • Uncertain Circumstances (Service Outrage)

Q. What documents are required to send money to China?

Ans. TangoPay requires any of the following documents from our users to complete the procedure of sending money to China:

ID Proof

  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Passport
  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Driving License
  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Resident Permit

Recipient’s Details

  • Accurate Account Details of the Recipients 

Q. Is it secure to transfer funds to China via TangoPay? 

Ans. TangoPay is an FCA-regulated “Authorized Payment Institution (API)” offering complete, secure transactions. Our advanced end-to-end data encryption technologies ensure that your data and privacy are protected at all times. 

Q. How much does TangoPay charge to send money to China? 

Ans. The good news for all our consumers is that your first three months with TangoPay are fee-free! Enjoy limitless transactions with TangoPay because money knows no boundaries.