Tangopay and Paysafe Partnership

TangoPay Announces Strategic Partnership with Paysafe to Enhance Global Money Transfer Services

London, UK – TangoPay, a leading fintech company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Paysafe, a prominent global payments provider. This collaboration is set to enhance the efficiency, security, and accessibility of global money transfers for users worldwide.

Founded by entrepreneur Basir Sangerwal and based in London, TangoPay has quickly established itself as a trusted name in international remittances. 

Committed to simplifying global money transfers, TangoPay’s mobile app provides an intuitive and efficient platform for managing transactions anywhere, anytime. Serving over 70 countries, TangoPay is rapidly expanding to bring its innovative solutions to more regions worldwide.

A Partnership Built on Innovation and Security

The partnership with Paysafe will strengthen TangoPay’s capabilities by incorporating Paysafe’s advanced payment processing solutions. Paysafe’s expertise in secure and efficient transactions will enhance TangoPay’s platform, providing users with improved security and faster transaction times. 

This collaboration aims to deliver a seamless experience, enabling customers to send money to family, friends, or business partners with unmatched ease and confidence.