Win an iPhone 15 with TangoPay

Hey, money movers and gadget lovers! Ready to upgrade your tech game? Imagine rocking the newest iPhone 15—yeah, it could be yours!

Ready, Set, Transfer!

Seize this golden opportunity from November 10, 2023, to January 15, 2024! Every transaction you make to Nepal via TangoPay to eSewa during this period puts you one step closer to holding that iPhone 15 in your very own hands. So let those transfers to Nepal roll and keep those chances coming.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win :

If you’re a Nepali resident in the UK and regularly send money back to Nepal, this is your moment to shine. To enter the draw for the coveted iPhone 15, simply make a transaction equivalent NPR.50,000 using the TangoPay app to eSewa. That’s it—you’re automatically eligible for the lucky draw! So go ahead, make that transfer now and get one step closer to possibly owning the iPhone 15 of your dreams.

Winner Announcement :

The anticipation is electric, but the wait won’t be too long. After you’ve made your transactions to Nepal and crossed your fingers for luck, mark your calendar for February 5, 2024. That’s when we’ll reveal the fortunate individual who gets to take home the iPhone 15. Keep an eye on our social media channels, as that’s where we’ll make the big announcement. You won’t want to miss it, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for the reveal. Could it be you flaunting that brand-new iPhone 15? Only time will tell!

Why TangoPay:

Here’s why you should consider TangoPay?

This is the Real MVP :

Wondering what makes us the go-to for all your money-moving needs? Allow us to break it down.

Global Passport :

TangoPay is your financial bridge to over 70 countries. Whether you’re sending money to a neighboring country or across the globe, we make it effortless.

Faster Than a Caffeine Rush :

Time is of the essence, and we get that. With our speedy transfers, your money gets where it needs to go before you can even finish your coffee.

Smooth Sailing :

Our user-friendly mobile app makes each transaction a breeze. With killer ratings on both Google Play and the App Store, it’s clear we’re hitting all the right notes.

Clear as Day :

At TangoPay, transparency isn’t just a word—it’s a promise. No hidden fees or nasty surprises; just straightforward transactions.

By the Numbers :

Just a quick snapshot here: we operate in 70+ countries, we’re highly rated across multiple app stores, and we’ve got a user base that’s growing faster like a spur.

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