Money Transfer to Nepal
14 May, 2022

How to Transfer Money to Nepal With Online Global Money Transfer

Sending money online should be easy - unfortunately, that isn’t always true. For example, when you want to send money internationally, many institutions charge high exchange rates, which depreciates the value of your money and reduces the funds received. For this reason, traditional banks are often not the best solution.

Another challenge arises when you need to send money to friends or relatives abroad in Nepal who might not have a bank account. While two-thirds of people in Nepal have a bank account, there is a huge gap between rural and urban areas and men and women.

With these problems in mind, how can you best transfer Money to Nepal?

The Solution: Online Global Money Transfer

Online money transfer has the potential to solve all these challenges. By sending money directly from your account to the recipient's account, middlemen can be avoided. Many of the transfer costs arise with traditional banks who send the money from one institution to another before the funds finally arrive in Nepal.

Secondly, online money transfer allows for other transfer options. For example, your recipients are not bound to receive funds in a bank account. Of course, there are many digital financial institutions on the web, and not all of them can be trusted.

Introducing TangoPay

TangoPay is the best way to send money to Nepal, and here’s why.


TangoPay is the fastest and most secure online global money transfer service. It is approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FIA) and protects all transfers with anti-fraud and encryption technology.

Better Rates

TangoPay offers better rates than banks and most other online institutions. We send funds straight to the recipient’s accounts and provide complete transparency on our small fees. As a result, our rates stay close to the actual exchange rates, unlike banks. Also, we do not charge any transfer fees for the first 3 months

Easy to use

Transfers can be set up as one-time or recurring transactions with our intuitive mobile app. Getting set up is easy, and the app is available for your use 24/7


Our multilingual team is available via chat, email and in-app support whenever you need them. You can also find all the resources you need to set up your first transfer online using our self-help documentation.


Your recipient doesn’t have a bank account? Not to worry. TangoPay allows your recipients to access their funds through:

TangoPay Direct to bank
Direct Bank transfer
TangoPay Mobile wallet
Mobile wallet
TangoPay Cash pick-up
Cash pick-up
Get Started Today

Signing up for TangoPay and sending money to Nepal couldn’t be easier. Just:

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