Money Transfer to Nepal
20 April, 2022

How To Transfer Money to Nepal Using TangoPay

Transferring money overseas can sometimes be a source of anxiety. There are many variables out of your control that it can be daunting sending money over such a long distance.

What you need is a reliable partner to help. The answer? TangoPay.

TangoPay’s app enables transfers from the UK to Nepal. This is through the pay-out partnerships with Esewa. A pay-out partner is a sister company based in other places around the globe. These partners act as a physical proxy on behalf of their UK counterparts. Their function is to ensure that the necessary funds reach the recipient as you want them transferred.

There are a handful of choices when transferring money from the UK to Nepal through TangoPay.

What Are My Options?

Let’s run through the different ways you can transfer money with TangoPay.


The first option is a Cash option. This is when the money is sent to TangoPay from your bank account, and they send it to their overseas pay-out partner. The partner then takes the money out of the bank and delivers it to a designated collection location. The recipient visits the location with their ID and collects the money. This is a fantastic alternative for recipients who live further away from traditional banking services. It also means that neither you nor the person you are sending funds to need to worry about converting the money from Pounds Sterling to Nepalese Rupees.

Direct to Bank

If the proximity to a bank is not an issue for you and your recipient, a bank transfer is the simplest option. TangoPay and its app offer the resources to make transfers between international accounts a breeze. This feature allows you to send sums of money to Nepalese banks instantly such as:

  1. Nabil Bank Ltd.( NABIL)
  2. Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.( RBB)
  3. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.( NIBL)
  4. NIC Asia Ltd.
  5. Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
  6. Prabhu Bank Ltd.
Mobile Wallet

Furthermore, Mobile Wallet is another simple vision-forwarded technology allowing people to transfer money peer-to-peer. Utilize TangoPay’s Mobile Wallet services which enable you to send money to Nepal. Simply enter the beneficiary details to whom you want to make a transfer, and the beneficiary will get the money instantly. Tangopay transfers money to the eSewa mobile wallet in Nepal.

How Do I Get Started?

So, when you think of sending money overseas to Nepal, look no further than TangoPay. Their simple-to-use app is the perfect companion to work alongside any international transfer. Follow these simple steps to get set up, and you are ready to go.

  1. Download The App
  2. Register
  3. Set Up Transfer
  4. Pay
  5. Complete

Interested? Register with us today! For more information, visit us at TangoPay.