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Looking for the Easiest Way to Send Money to Sri Lanka?

Money transfers should be easy. In the western world, banking is the norm, and it is expected that funds can be with a recipient within hours and safely stored in their bank accounts. Unfortunately, we often take this level of financial inclusion for granted in the UK.

But in South East Asia, only a third of all people had access to an account with a formal financial institution in 2012. Sri Lanka is on its way to bringing the country up to speed with banking technology and introducing mobile banking. However, rural areas and ageing populations often lack a bank account.

This makes it difficult for migrants who come to the UK to see opportunities to transfer money to Sri Lanka and to their older friends and family. Furthermore, if the recipient doesn't have a bank account, how can you securely and legally send funds abroad?

TangoPay is a money transfer app that hopes to bridge the gap between the unbanked and banked by offering secure and legal channels to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK.

How to Transfer Money to Sri Lanka with TangoPay

TangoPay provides users with a simple and secure money transfer app to transfer money to Sri Lanka, even if your recipient doesn’t have a bank account. They can securely access their funds via:

TangoPay Cash pick-up
Cash pick-up
TangoPay Instant account credit
Instant account credit
TangoPay Direct to bank
Direct to bank

TangoPay takes the guesswork out of money transfers, so you never have to wonder what happened to your funds.

Why Should You Use TangoPay for your Online Money Transfer to Sri Lanka?

Still not convinced? TangoPay's secure and transparent service offers a range of benefits to anyone who wants to send money to Sri Lanka safely and easily.

TangoPay Benefits
Dedicated support

At TangoPay, we do everything to put your mind at ease and ensure your recipients can safely access the funds you send. That's why we provide 24/7 support through chat, email and in-app.

TangoPay Benefits
Convenient Mobile Banking

Send money via an easy-to-use mobile app, available 24/7. Transfers can be set up in just a few clicks, and your account is quick and easy to create.

TangoPay Benefits
The best Money Transfer Rates to Sri Lanka

Unlike banks, TangoPay doesn't rob you of the exchange rates. We have no hidden fees and don't fix our rates. This means you'll benefit from cheaper transfers. In the first three months, we don't charge you any transfer fees at all!

TangoPay Benefits
Send Money to Sri Lanka faster

Transfers via our app can be available in one hour or less. We'll let you know when a transfer is completed, so you'll always stay in the loop.

TangoPay Benefits
Safer Online Money Transfers

TangoPay is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to guarantee safe and legal practices. Our secure mobile app also uses anti-fraud and encryption technology to keep you and your money safe.

TangoPay is the best way to securely send money to Sri Lanka from the UK. But we don't only help individuals sending funds home to family. Suppose you are a business with an international presence in Sri Lanka. In that case, you likely know the challenges of sending payments and funds abroad. TangoPay has the solution. Check out our business features to see how we can help you simplify your online transfers to Sri Lanka.

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