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The Easiest Way to Send Money to Nigeria

If you are a migrant from Nigeria settling in the UK, you're likely to be familiar with the many struggles many in your situation face when it comes to transferring money safely back to your friends and family.

Only 1 in 5 adults in Nigeria reports having a formal bank account, which means they often fall through the gaps where safe transfer opportunities are concerned.

Whilst financial inclusion in Nigeria is rising, the country didn't meet their financial inclusion target in 2020 and still faces a great struggle to keep up with the global market. As a result, 38 million adults remain financially excluded, especially those in rural areas or those older than 25.

Because of this, migrants often send money home via visiting friends and family, which leaves their funds prone to theft, accident and other misfortunes. Others fall prey to illegal or fraudulent online money transfers using companies not approved by the FCA.

The Tangopay app aims to provide a solution.

Why Should You Use TangoPay to Send Money to Nigeria?

We enable UK residents from Nigeria to make simple online money transfers back home. We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for complete peace of mind, and our easy-to-use app provides anti-fraud and encryption technology.

Our services include:
TangoPay Instant account credit
Instant account credit
TangoPay Mobile wallet
Mobile wallet
TangoPay Direct to bank
Direct to bank

So that when you send money to Nigeria from the UK, your recipients can safely and efficiently receive funds.

Our Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using TangoPay to transfer money to Nigeria

TangoPay Benefits
We provide the best money transfer rates for Nigeria:

There are no transfer fees for the first three months and no hidden fees on any transfer. What's more, unlike traditional banking, our transfer rates are set in advance. We don't mark up our exchange rates, meaning our rates are much closer to the actual exchange rates than banks.

TangoPay Benefits
TangoPay is the quicker way to send money to Nigeria:

Our transfers are much faster than traditional banks. When you send money through our app or website, the transfer goes straight from one account to another.

TangoPay Benefits
A quick and convenient mobile app:

Easily set up an account and use it to send repeat transfers. The app is available on the go 24/7, so you can send money anytime.

TangoPay Benefits
A dedicated support team:

Tangpay's team is there 24/7 to help you when you need it, via chat, email and in-app support. We provide multi-language support, and you can browse our self-help support center to learn everything you need to set up your first transfer.

TangoPay was designed to bridge the gap between migrants living in the UK and their often financially excluded recipients in Nigeria. We aim to give you the power to safely manage and transfer your money. Our save solution is built on an understanding of the challenges migrants in the UK face regarding banking and financial management.

If you're a business with a global presence in Nigeria, check out our business solutions.

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