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The Easiest Way to Send Money to Ghana

According to a World Bank economic analysis Ghana is on its way to achieving universal financial access across regions thanks to innovations in technology. Whilst this is good news, only 58% of the general population had a bank account in 2017. Especially in rural areas and amongst the ageing demographic, many citizens still don't have access to formal financial institutions.

This makes it difficult for migrants that came to the UK or EU to seek better opportunities to send money back home. In the past, many have had to turn to illegal or fraudulent solutions with little security for their money. Now, there are safer and more reliable ways to send money to Ghana.

Introducing TangoPay

TangoPay is a reliable, legal and secure financial app for online money transfer. We bridge the gap between the banked and unbanked by letting you send money abroad, even to those that don't have accounts with a financial institution.

TangoPay is the first app of its kind, serving the needs of migrants in the UK and businesses with an international presence in countries like Ghana.

How Can You Transfer Money to Ghana with TangoPay?

With our online money transfer service, you can send money to Ghana from the UK and enable your recipients to safely receive funds, even in regions with low financial inclusivity. TangoPay allows you to send money via:

TangoPay Instant account credit
Instant account credit
TangoPay Mobile wallet
Mobile wallet
TangoPay Direct to bank
Direct to bank

So even if your recipient in Ghana doesn’t have a bank account, you can rely on the fact that your funds will reach them safely!

What Are the Advantages of Using TangoPay for Your Online Money Transfer to Ghana?

If you're still wondering what makes TangoPay so much easier and secure than other options, here are the key benefits the app has to offer:

TangoPay Benefits
The best money transfer rates to Ghana

Banks often include hidden charges or unfavourable exchange rates. Not us! We always set our rates in advance to know exactly what you'll be paying and can freely compare. This works out cheaper than sending money with most banks.

TangoPay Benefits
Dedicated support

TangoPay is dedicated to making our app the easiest way to send money to Ghana - that's why we offer 24/7 support via chat, email and in-app messaging.

TangoPay Benefits
Faster transfers

The money you transfer via the TangoPay app can be available in one hour or less. We'll keep you updated when the transfer is completed, so you'll never miss a status change.

TangoPay Benefits
Convenient mobile transfers

Use the simple mobile app any time of day to transfer money home to Ghana. Setting up an account is quick and easy.

TangoPay Benefits
Safety and security

TangoPay is regulated by the FCA to offer you complete peace of mind about your funds. Transfers via our app are safe and legal and benefit from anti-fraud and encryption technology.

TangoPay isn't just for sending money to friends and family in Ghana. If you are a business in Ghana, check out our business features to learn how we can help make your online money transfers easier.

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