Send Money to Afghanistan

Sending money to Afghanistan is now swifter than ever and your first three months are fee-free!

Secure, Easy, Speedy. 

Send Money to Afghanistan From the UK With Just a Tap

The ease of money transfer to Afghanistan is now redefined with TangoPay. As a reliable money transfer company, we promise the best foreign exchange rate, guaranteeing a secure and smooth transaction experience for our countless users across Afghanistan. 

Partnering with trusted financial institutions globally, our platform enables efficient cross-border money transfers with multiple payout choices with the convenience of your phone. Money transfer – made simple.

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How to Send Money to Afghanistan From the UK?

With TangoPay, your financial well-being is always safeguarded. Our team has implemented well-built security measures, protecting your bank account details and personal data against any potential threats. 

Our international money transfer services provide a range of payment options and the best exchange rates, enhancing the ease and flexibility of your transactions across Afghanistan. 

With dynamic features and diverse payment avenues, we go all out to make your money transfer experience better. Sign up to TangoPay today, and send money to Afghanistan at better rates.

Ways to Send Money to Afghanistan

Debit Card and Credit Card

Looking for a swift way to send your hard-earned money to Afghanistan from the UK? We have the solution. Our user-friendly app enables you to easily transfer funds directly to the recipient with just a few taps. With TangoPay, you can enjoy not just transfer speed but also security and convenience in every transaction.

How to Receive Funds in Afghanistan? 

Being one of the most reliable money transfer providers, TangoPay is committed to making the money transfer process smooth-running for our users. The recipient can conveniently access their payments by visiting their nearest TangoPay cash pickup location.

We offer detailed transaction tracking, keeping both sender and recipient informed throughout the transfer journey.

Cash Pickup

TangoPay facilitates convenient cash pickups at nearby TangoPay branches. This expands accessibility and ease of receiving funds across Afghanistan. 

To ensure a smooth transaction, recipients only need to present their unique transaction number and valid identification at their designated pickup location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query? Find your answers below. 

Q. How can I transfer money to my family in Afghanistan?

Ans. You can now transfer money to your family in Afghanistan by following these four simple steps:

  1. Create an account on our Android or iOS application. 
  2. Fill in your basic bank account details and required documents to complete the profile. 
  3. Select your destination country, payout option, recipient’s details, and transfer amount.
  4. Send funds to your loved ones while using your debit card/credit card or through your bank account. 

Q. How can I receive money in Afghanistan?

Ans. TangoPay offers people in Afghanistan a swift option to pick up their funds directly from TangoPay’s cash pickup locations. 

The recipient simply needs to present a unique transaction number to collect their funds. 

Q. How long does it take to receive money in Afghanistan?

Ans. If you are planning to transfer money through a debit card or credit card, your transaction can be processed in just a few minutes. However, if you are sending money through an online bank account, your transactions via TangoPay can take up to 1-2 banking days.

Here are a few factors that can affect your delivery times: 

  • Differences in time zones
  • Accuracy of recipient’s information
  • Uncertain circumstances (e.g. service outrage)

Q. What documents are required to send money to Afghanistan from the UK?

Ans. TangoPay requires any of the following documents from our users to complete the procedure of money transfer to Afghanistan:

ID Proof

  • A clear snapshot of your passport
  • A clear snapshot of your driving licence
  • A clear snapshot of your resident permit

Recipient’s Details

  • Accurate bank account details of the recipients

Q. Is it secure to transfer money to Afghanistan from the UK via TangoPay? 

Ans. TangoPay is an FCA-regulated “Authorized Payment Institution (API)” offering complete, secure transactions. Our advanced end-to-end data encryption technologies ensure that your data and privacy are protected at all times when you send money to Afghanistan.

Q. What are the transfer fees to send money to Afghanistan from the UK?

Ans. The good news for all our consumers is that you no longer have to worry about the transfer fees! Your first three months with TangoPay are fee-free, making our app the best way to send money to Afghanistan. Enjoy limitless transactions with us and save more because money knows no boundaries.