Transfer Money to Australia
23 March, 2022

Need To Send Money To Australia? Use TangoPay!

TangoPay is the foremost way to transfer money to almost anywhere in the world. It’s a fact that a large number of people who live in Britain, or may just be here for a matter of weeks or months, need to be able to transfer money from here to foreign countries. For instance, you may need to transfer money from the UK to Australia.

In fact, quite a large number of people do, indeed, need to transfer money from the UK to Australia, and if you think about it that is quite logical. Many parents have a son or daughter who has graduated from university, or perhaps has a year’s sabbatical before starting university, and who chooses to take off to the other side of the world and explore.

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is a great idea. But there can be financial problems. Your son or daughter may have set off with the best of intentions, but then finds that they cannot get a job immediately. Or perhaps got one but it was only for a few short weeks. Meanwhile, they still want to explore the outback, and this is where the “Bank of Mum & Dad” has to step in and send them some money.

Nothing wrong with that either. But what is the best way to send it? How much does it cost? Is your money secure?

Transferring Money Abroad Can Have Issues

It is only when you find yourself in this sort of situation that you realise that transferring money abroad can have its’ issues.

Certainly, you can send it by bank transfer, but this can take up to five days to reach your son or daughter. And what about the cost? Bank transfers are usually calculated on a fixed exchange rate, but exchange rates can go down as well as up. What that means is that, not only can it take days to arrive, but you will usually be paying well over the odds as well. That is not a great idea.

Step in TangoPay. We are a totally secure money transfer service, an authorised payment institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be certain your money will be safe.

It will get transferred to the recipient a lot faster than using the banks, and for the first three months you use us, we don’t charge you any transfer fees at all! So, while your son or daughter is out among the kangaroos, you can make sure that they have the money they need.

Fast. Secure. No transfer fees for the first 3 months!

What more could you want?