Transfer Money to Ghana
18 March, 2022

Transferring Money Abroad: How TangoPay Can Help You

Many people who live in the UK have a need to send money abroad to relatives or friends in other countries, such as money transfer to Ghana, for instance, and want to do it in a totally secure manner and at the lowest possible cost. They also want the money that they send to be received in a timely manner rather than have it taking between three and five days as it does with a bank transfer.

When you use our service at TangoPay for money transfer to Ghana, or for that matter to any one of more than forty other countries, the good news is that it will arrive very quickly indeed. You can transfer money either on our website or by using our app which you can download from Google Play or the App Store. Furthermore, you can transfer money at any time of day or night as it suits you.

There is some even better news as well, and that is that when you register with TangoPay we don’t charge you any fees at all for the first three months! Yes, you can send money securely to relatives and friends overseas at no cost to you whatever. This is great news for people who are coming to the UK in search of safety from foreign regimes, such as those who are just arriving from Ukraine. Many of those refugees will need to send money home to family members who are stuck there and unable to escape at present.

Many People Are Unbanked

One of the big problems is that many people who need to send money abroad are unbanked, and this means that they cannot gain access to a lot of services - particularly the ones that they need the most. It follows that they may consider unsafe or even illegal methods of transferring money that can then put them in a position where that money could easily be at risk.

At TangoPay we are an Authorised Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority here in the UK, which means that your money is safe and secure. On top of that, our app uses encryption techniques and anti-fraud technology to further ensure your safety.

Furthermore, you will find that our charges are a lot less than using bank transfer because we use real time exchange rates rather than fixed rates, but remember, that is only after your first three months free!

If you have any questions, we have staff available 24/7/365 who can assist you in answering any product related questions or to troubleshoot complex integrations.