How Does TangoPay Work When You Want to Make an Online Global Money Transfer?
20 January, 2022

How Does TangoPay Work When You Want to Make an Online Global Money Transfer?

If you want to make an online global money transfer, learn how TangoPay works with this step-by-step guide.

It really is a walk in the park.

How To Register With TangoPay

It's free to register. You can set up an account via our website or use our app.

Just head to, click the Register button and follow the instructions. Or download our app.

The following steps summarise the registration process:

Step 1: Download the TangoPay app

It is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Sign up

for your TangoPay account, select where you want your money to go, and add your details.

Step 3: Set up your transfer

to transfer money to 40+ other countries 24/7.

Step 4: Pay

Add your details and choose how you want to pay.

Step 5: Complete

TangoPay will tell you when your transfer has been received.

What Details Does TangoPay Need From Me?

When you register for your account, you will be asked to input the following information:

  1. You will need an email address. You'll have to create a secure password that must be between 5 and 15 characters long and a mix of upper case, lower case letters and digits.
    If you have a referral code (more about this lower down), input the code at this stage too.
  2. You need to add your first name, last name, date of birth, and mobile phone number, followed by your address.
  3. TangoPay also needs to verify your identity, so you will be asked to upload an ID. For example, any of the following:
    1. Driving License
    2. EU Nationality Card
    3. Passport
    4. Work Permit
  4. Once you've verified your identity, you're good to go! You'll receive a verification email informing you your account has been registered.

You can then:

  1. Add the names of the people you want to send money to (beneficiaries)
  2. Make transfers
  3. View transactions
  4. Receive notifications when your global money transfer(s) have been made.
Checking Exchange Rates With TangoPay

TangoPay believes in transparency. To check our exchange rates, use the dropdown menu on our homepage and:

  1. Choose the country you want to transfer money to
  2. Select the country you are currently in and how much you want to send
  3. TangoPay automatically calculates the amount in the relevant currency
TangoPay Benefits

We won't charge you any transfer fees for the first 3 months.

Also, if you refer a friend to us and they use us to transfer a minimum transfer of £50 or more, we will credit your account with £10.

Thanks to its anti-fraud and encryption technology, your monies are safe and secure with TangoPay.

Register with TangoPay today.